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Featured Rave Reviews 

Bob Swart (aka Dr. Bob of DrBob42.com) sent us a home video clip of himself "enjoying the LEVITRON ® ANTI-GRAVITY TOP experience."

Click Here to View his Magnetic Levitation Video

This thing really works! The rim of the top floats about 2.5" off the top of the plate (Super Levitron). It is kind of eerie -- you can even move your hand underneath or circle it with your finger and it doesn't fall! Using the passive version, the top will float for 2-3 minutes. With the Perpetuator it easily runs for over an hour. 

The only tricky part is getting it started. Make sure the top is not too heavy (it starts running in circles instead of jumping up) and angle the floor of the lifter slightly. You can feel the tapping when the top starts lifting off. The motorized starter is a real plus -- it keeps your hand from tiring out as you try to guess the right weighting for the top.

While the whole package costs around $100, it is a great tech toy. It is something you would expect to see in one of the Star Trek series except that it is REAL, not just special effects!

Jonathan Connell
Cortlandt Manor, NY

The Levitron has been such an inspiration for me! As a physics major at Indiana University I plan to spend some time studying the Levitron. I can't stop staring at it!

It is by far the cooolest thing I have ever seen in my life!

Parker Wittman
Bloomington, IN

As a Macintosh repair technician, I am always looking for cool and unusual "Tech Toys" - it's a side effect of the "Tech Gene". 

As far as "Tech Toys" go, the Levitron is by far the COOLEST tech toy I have yet seen.  The fact that the top is only supported by magnetic repulsion and stabilized by spinning is such a simple concept, but to see it in action is a sight to behold, truly amazing!

I took my Levitron Platinum edition to work (Computer Town in Salem NH) and showed the other techs, suffice it to say, jaws hit the floor when they saw it in action, the words "that is the coolest thing I have ever seen" were repeated numerous times by whomever saw it, whether sales staff or techs, very impressive. >

I am beginning to realize that consistent spins are more of an art form than a science, I am beginning to recognize the factors of a successful spin and I can almost predict the duration of the levitation based on the initial spin-up 

A truly amazing Tech Toy, thanks for producing this miracle of modern science.

Great work, Fascinations!

Russ White
Macintosh Repair Technician
Computer Town, Salem NH


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